GE Aviation

GE Aviation Systems currently comprises four businesses .... Avionic Systems, Electrical Power Systems, Mechanical Systems and Unison.

GE Aviation has continued to win key contracts on the JSF programme, to the extent that the range of contracts already secured is valued in excess of $6 billion over the lifetime of the aircraft, most of which is from the UK.

Key F-35 systems from GE Aviation now include:
* Primary and Secondary Power Distribution System
* Battery Management System
* JSF Back Shop Battery Charger (BSBC)
* RIO (Remote Input/Output) Systems (10 boxes in the avionics architecture)
* Standby Flight Display (SFD)
* Integrated Debris Monitoring System (IDMS)
* Engine Distress Monitoring System (EDMS

All from the UK and from our Grand Rapids facility in the US we supply:
* Advanced Memory Unit (two)
* Fuselage Remote Interface Unit (two)
* Missile Remote Interface Unit (two)

GE Aviation Systems is one of the largest systems suppliers directly to Lockheed Martin and our engine monitoring systems are supplied to Pratt & Witney for the F-135 engine. Our Avionics and Electrical Power Systems products are manufactured in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire and our engine monitoring equipment is supplied from Eastleigh plant in Southampton.