EDM Ltd are proud to have been selected to design, develop and deliver the hardware based training devices for the JSF F-35 Lighting II training programme.

Despite stiff competition, Lockheed Martin contracted EDM in December 2007 under LRIP 2; to supply the ground based training devices that are part of the wider JSF training system programme. Within this project EDM are responsible for the Ejection System Maintenance Trainer (ESMT) and the Weapons Loading Trainer (WLT).

The unique design and development of the F-35 training devices means that EDM Ltd will simulate all three of the JSF variants, (CTOL, STOVL, and CV) in one training system.

The ESMT will be used to teach students the necessary skills required to maintain the F-35 ejection seat and canopy jettison systems. This ESMT also allows for the provision of pilot ingress/egress training

The WLT is a high fidelity procedural training device that will be used to train armourers in the correct procedures for loading Weapons, Support and Release Equipment and Alternate Mission Equipment.
The high fidelity representation of the fuselage weapons bays will provide realistic hands-on practical training of the loading, configuration and unloading of aircraft.

The first ESMT was successfully delivered to Elgin Airforce Base in March 2011, with delivery of the first WLT due this summer.

EDM Ltd is an organisation specialising in the provision of Training and Simulation equipment for both military and commercial aviation clients. Our client base is worldwide and incorporates blue chip Prime contractors along with the worlds’ premier airlines and aircraft manufacturers.

As a leading specialist in the design of sophisticated military training systems for air, land and sea applications, EDM Ltd can provide a complete solution encompassing build, installation and support, from part task training through to maintenance and procedure trainers.